Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Pictures

The Perfect Dog The perfect dog. If you see one let me know.


Retirement party (2) My Honda cruiser.


White dwarf exploding White dwarf exploding

Friday, August 29, 2008

Map to our city

Map image
The map to our house. We live in Salem, Or. just a mile and a half off of I-5. Phone 503-585-4085. Call if you get to Salem and I will give you directions to our house.

Welcome Friends

Welcome to my new Blog. I hope I keep this one up better than I did my Web Site.

The Hodges Family

Picture 008 This is my son-in-law,Rogene, my grandchildren,Tessa and Emma.

Picture 015 From left to right. My wife, my granddaughter Kiara and her mother, Pam.

Picture 022 Pontooning at Detroit Lake. August 15,2008

Sunset Have a good evening.

Welcome to my Blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures and get to know our family.