Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just another day.

Time is flying by. Maris retires April 1 unless this is an April 1 joke. Tim is kinda under the weather today and I think I pulled a stomach muscle and it doesn't feel good
Pam has 7 dogs and 3 cats now. We won't go over because we are afraid we will step on one of them. They are all small except KI the brown lab.
Maris had a birthday Monday evening and she got a lot of nice things.
The weather is turning toward Spring but it is slow to come. Some of the trees are budding out and that is a good sign.
We head for Hawaii in 3 weeks. I would really rather go in January but that is life.
The Trailblazers lost last night. bummer. They are in 7th place for the playoffs. It is better than nothing. We didn't even make the playoffs in the past years.

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