Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They say "Every day is a holiday at LAA" where I have taught for 33 years but at our house it is not a holiday today with the Service Masters here cleaning up the mess.
However, we are looking forward to hooking up the 5th Wheel and heading for Beverly Beach on Friday. The workers said they wanted to be here every day but I said not on the Sabbath and they said okay. Tim will open the house for them on Sunday while we are gone.
Maris is still limping around with a bad knee. I think she is going to have to have it operated on but she is fighting it.
My daughters and their families are back from the water park in Washington State. I guess they had a good time and they want us to go next year.
The phones quit working so after the men are done today Tim and I are going to Costco to see if we can find a new system.
Bye for now. Take care and God bless.

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