Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Letter

We ended the year with a water leak in the kitchen that resulted in us living with out a kitchen, dining and living rooms for three months. We are now back in and just in time for Christmas.
Braden went off to Walla Walla University in Sept. His sister is a Jr. at Livingstone Academy where I have been for the last 35 years. I just tutor two classes of math in the mornings at present.
Tessa is in the second grade and can do a cart wheel and a round off. Her little sister is in preschool and loves it.
Maris has a bad knee and is having a hard time getting from place to place. We had planned to go to Joseph, Or. (near Hell's Canyon) but had to cancel. I hope we can go this coming summer.
I don't do a lot on Facebook but I have over a hundred ex-students and friends.
Maris' sister passed away this year.
Pam and Darryl are still running an Alztheimers Care Home and Staci and Rogene are working at the Hospital. Tim works with an Autistic man. He is very nice but can't speak. Tim also works with Special Olympic young people.
I have been retired for 9 years but am busier than when I was working.
I can't wait for Spring to come so I can get back to mowing the school lawn. There is 17 acres to mow and I used to do it all by my self but I have now found some one to help me.
I have lots of e-mail friends and the first thing that I do each morning is to answer all the letters.
I was going to sell my motor cycle but no one wanted to pay what I thought it was worth so I guess I will just keep it. I love to go on long trips but there have been to many accidents lately so I will stick to short trips.
I want to put it on the trailer and take it to Crater Lake and then ride around the lake. I is 33 miles around the lake and very beautiful.
My brother lives just south of Crater Lake so I will stop and see him and his wife.
I just found him last year. It really great having him and his wife and right here in Oregon.
Well, until more happens this is the end of the letter. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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